Meet The Council

Roster & Bios

Dalila Sarabia (Chair)

Dalila currently manages the Healthy Kids application assistance programs throughout the Family Resource Centers in Washington County. She is excited to serve as Chair of the Council, where she brings a wealth of experience addressing the socioeconomic barriers and health disparities that exist within the Latino community. Dalila earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon in 2011 and plans to pursue a Master of Public Health.

Ronda Harrison (Vice Chair)

Ronda is a passionate and driven social change activist who is deeply committed to quality healthcare, access to services and a holistic approach to health and wellness.  She has dedicated her career to creating opportunities of empowerment and ownership for individuals utilizing community resources.  Her work as a Peer Advocacy and Community Supports Program Coordinator with the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Washington County (NAMI-WA) allows her to voice the experiences of Medicaid members and their families living in Washington County and surrounding areas. 

Gary Cobb (Secretary)

Gary has been a political and community organizer for over 11 years. He is extensively trained in the Industrial Area Foundation (IAF) model of organizing. The life Gary has today was made possible by his access to the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) benefits. Gary is committed to helping others change their story via the Oregon Health Plan. Currently, Gary is the Outreach Coordinator at Central City Concern.

Sonja Ervin (At-Large)

Sonja is the Director of Cultural Equity at Central City Concern (CCC) and has been with CCC for the past 14 years.  Sonja has worked with programs developed to assist individuals experiencing the greatest barriers including those experiencing poverty and homelessness, addictions and mental illness. In her current role, Sonja works to ensure equity and inclusion for the agency’s participants, staff and larger community and works to develop the agency’s culturally specific services, and enhance the organizations ability to provide high standards of culturally competent and responsive care.  Her professional and personal dedication to equity and inclusion and health care transformation is born out of a desire to ensure that diverse communities are fully and appropriately engaged in the discussions and solutions that address current health disparities.

Amy Anderson

Amy is a seasoned professional advocate trained as a certified Peer Wellness Forensic Specialist who has dedicated 18 years of continuous volunteer service working in our maximum security jails bringing hope and love to the women who are housed there. She also specializes in designing new community outreach strategies, along with writing new policies for the delivery of system services and programs for the marginalized populations locally and within the state.  She is an active visionary committed to improving my life and the lives of others by the giving of her time to teaching people how to obtain an excellent patient experience. Her current commitments include volunteering with several agencies: Multnomah County Sheriff Office, Multnomah County Health Department ICS governing board. Multnomah County Mental Health and Addictions advisory committee, Multnomah County Behavioral Treatment Court Peer Action Council,  Cascadia Housing Board member, Portland Housing Advisory Commission, Portland Commission on Disabilities, Health Share Community Advisory Committee and the Healthy Columbia Willamette Collaborative work groups.

Glendora Claybrooks

Glendora is a community activist with over 35 years of experience as a professional healthcare worker. Throughout her career, she has worked in private & public insurance programs, advocacy, clinical & administrative positions. She is the legal guardian of her adult son, who recently developed a mental health illness as a result of a traumatic brain injury at age 16. Glendora has an undying passion for social justice issues, including: racial discrimination, healthcare disparity, cost, quality and affordability.

Lee Girard

Lee Girard is the Community Services Manager for Multnomah County Aging & Disability Services Division, overseeing a network of services for seniors and people with disabilities that includes five District Senior Centers, 17 senior meal sites (including five ethnic meal sites), nine culturally-specific community providers and a 24-Hour Access Helpline.  Lee also oversees the implementation of new initiatives for the division, including: evidence-based health promotion and dementia supports; regional Aging & Disability Resource Connection services; and evidence-based hospital care transition services.  Lee has a Master’s in Public Administration: Health Administration and 29 years experience supporting seniors and people with disabilities living in the community.

Erin Jolly

Erin Jolly is a Senior Program Coordinator for Washington County Public Health Division in the Health Equity, Planning and Policy program. She coordinates community health improvement planning along with the Division’s performance management, quality improvement, workforce development and accreditation readiness. Erin earned her Master of Public Health from Portland State University. Previously, she worked with the Coalition of Local Health Officials, which represents the thirty-four local health departments in Oregon. There, she developed communication tools to highlight shared CCO and local Public Health work across the state.

Dr. Ryan Skelton

Ryan is a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) licensed clinical psychologist in Portland, providing psychotherapy, assessment, and consultation. He has been a part of the disability rights movement for 25 years on both a local and international level.  He is passionate about the use of clinical psychology to empower the disenfranchised.  He is a court recognized medical expert for the Social Security Administration Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. His clinical expertise concerns the interaction of mental health diagnosis with general medical conditions.  He believes in access to comprehensive medical care that takes into account the whole person and allows people to lead happier, healthier lives and contribute more fully to their community.

Claire Weiss

Claire is a Supervisor for Clackamas County Social Services/Developmental Disabilities. Claire has devoted her career to working with children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and in particular enjoys working across human services and physical health systems to find innovative ways to bridge gaps in services.  Among other committees, Claire has served for the past four years as the Developmental Disabilities representative to the State Children’s System Advisory Committee for Mental Health and is also a longstanding member of the State’s Children’s Services Planning Workgroup for Children with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities. Claire also recently helped spearhead a Tri-County effort to improve services for children with co-occurring mental health diagnoses and intellectual/developmental disabilities. Claire has a Masters of Health Administration and is also a non-practicing lawyer.