Our Commitment to You

Posted: 11/18/2016 | Health Share of Oregon | by Health Share of Oregon

Members & Partners:

Updated: February 1, 2017

At Health Share, we know that health doesn't just happen in the doctor's office--it starts in the community. For all of us, our health is affected by where we live and by the stressors and support networks in our lives. 

To that end, we know that many individuals and communities have been left uncertain about their future, including the future of their health coverage, due to the recent presidential election and executive orders. We want our members and community partners to know that our mission and vision remains unchanged. We will support all of our members and will always advocate for the communities we serve.

Our vision at Health Share is a healthy community for all, and we will partner with those in our community and work with state leadership to achieve ongoing transformation, health equity, and the best possible health for each of our members.

At this time, our members’ OHP eligibility and coverage remain in place. No changes have been made by the federal government or the state of Oregon. If there are any changes that affect your benefits we will make sure you are notified as soon as we have information to share.


Janet L. Meyer

Chief Executive Officer