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Reversing the Stigma of Opioid Addiction

September 19, 2018 NBC Left Field by NBC Left Field
America’s opioid epidemic continues to ravage every area of the country; today, opioid overdoses are the leading cause of death for people under the age of 50. The first step to solving the opioid epidemic may be reversing the stigma on medically assisted treatment.

Parents celebrate having a place at the table

July 25, 2018 Early Learning Multnomah by Early Learning Multnomah-United Way of the Columbia Willamette
Early Learning Multnomah’s annual Parent Accountability Council (PAC) celebration is a lot like a big family reunion. Families gather on a sunny day in mid-July, coo over new babies, keep a close eye on toddlers mastering first steps, and share stories that lead to fits of laughter.

Oregon CCOs performed well on quality measures in 2017

July 5, 2018 Portland Business Journal by Elizabeth Hayes
Fourteen of the state's 16 CCOs earned their incentive payments by meeting quality care benchmarks last year, with Health Share reaping $43.7 million and FamilyCare $20.2 million.

Vermont’s Hub-and-Spoke Approach to Opioid Treatment Catching On

5/22/2018 Health Informatics by David Raths
“Wheelhouse is sponsored by Health Share of Oregon, which serves approximately 300,000 Medicaid members in the Portland area. increase availability and access to MAT. CODA and another organization, Central City Concern (CCC) make up the hub.”

Health Share switches non-emergency transport vendors after members complain

5/22/2018 Portland Business Journal by Elizabeth Hayes
We want transportation providers that really see themselves as part of the health care delivery system, not just a driver giving a ride,” said Jeremy Koehler, Health Share’s manager for contracting and network development.

Health Share prepares for next contract round and getting members ‘Ready + Resilient’

4/2/2018 Portland Business Journal by Elizabeth Hayes
"While the procurement process for the second round of five-year CCO contracts is in the very early stages, Meyer and other Health Share leadership have already crafted a vision for carrying out their priorities as the CCO matures into its next phase."

Health Share welcomes new members (Opinion)

2/12/2018 The Oregonian by Janet Meyer
“The entire Health Share team is committed to making this transition continue as smoothly as possible for members. Together with our partners, members and health care providers, we will continue to be advocates for progress while pursuing the best possible health for everyone.”

Better Health Care for Communities of Color (Opinion)

2/7/2018 Portland Observer by Michael Anderson-Nathe
"Health equity is achievable and requires deliberate action on our part. That's what we believe at Health Share of Oregon..."

Toward equity in health care, deliberately and thoughtfully (opinion)

2/5/18 Basic Rights Oregon by Michael Anderson-Nathe
“…this moment [i]s an opportunity to make sure our provider network is meeting our community’s needs and to act even more deliberately and thoughtfully to advance equity for our members and all Oregonians.”

Health Share grows by 102K new Medicaid members in a day

2/2/2018 Portland Business Journal by Elizabeth Hayes
"Call volume was up today, but overall, the transition has gone smoothly, Meyer said."