Executive Team

Janet L. Meyer

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Anderson-Nathe

Chief Equity & Engagement Officer

Maggie Bennington-Davis, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Deborah Friedman

Chief Operations Officer

John Sanders

Chief Information Officer

Leadership Team

Rachel Arnold

Director, Contracting & Network Management

Helen Bellanca

Associate Medical Director

Christine Bernsten

Sr. Manager, Delivery System Transformation

Graham Bouldin

Director, Health System Performance

Barbara Carey

Sr. Manager, Compliance & Quality Improvement

Larry Soderberg


Ashlen Strong

Director, Public Policy & Communications


Chief Executive Officer

Janet Meyer, Chief Executive Officer janet@healthshareoregon.org

Care Transformation

Christine Bernsten, Senior Manager, Delivery System Transformation christine@healthshareoregon.org

Paul Bollinger, EMS and Hospital Initiatives Project Manager paul@healthshareoregon.org

Jeanni Dunagan, Maternal Child Health Project Manager jeanni@healthshareoregon.org

Bobby Martin, Foster Care Systems Manager bobby@healthshareoregon.org

Peg King, Kindergarten Readiness Project Manager peg@healthshareoregon.org

Kaila Searl, Project Manager kaila@healthshareoregon.org

CCO Operations and Systems Integration

Deborah Friedman, Chief Operations Officer deborah@healthshareoregon.org

Alyssa Craigie, Health Systems Integration Manager alyssa@healthshareoregon.org

Clinical Policy & Oversight

Maggie Bennington-Davis, MD, Chief Medical Officer maggiebd@healthshareoregon.org

Helen Bellanca, MD, Associate Medical Director helen@healthshareoregon.org

Cheryl Cohen, Behavioral Health Program Manager cheryl@healthshareoregon.org

David Labby, MD, Health Strategy Advisor david@healthshareoregon.org

Contract and Network Management

Rachel Arnold, Director, Contracting & Network Management rachel@healthshareoregon.org

Amy Rossman, Contract & Provider Network Specialist amy@healthshareoregon.org

Betse Thielman, Contract & Provider Network Specialist betse@healthshareoregon.org

Customer Service

Customer Service Staff, info@healthshareoregon.org


Larry Soderberg, Controller larry@healthshareoregon.org

Aaron Gillingham, Senior Financial Accountant aaron@healthshareoregon.org

Vickie Inglis, Senior Financial Analyst vickie@healthshareoregon.org

Health Equity and Community Engagement

Michael Anderson-Nathe, Chief Equity and Engagement Officer michael@healthshareoregon.org

Rebecca Naga, Community Engagement Program Manager rebecca@healthshareoregon.org

Health System Performance

Graham Bouldin, Director, Health System Performance graham@healthshareoregon.org

Katie Cadigan, Health Care Data Analyst katie@healthshareoregon.org

Chandra Elser, Quality Improvement Analyst chanda@healthshareoregon.org

Kristen Lacijan, Quality Improvement Analyst kristen@healthshareoregon.org

Information Systems & Technology

John A. Sanders, Chief Information Officer john@healthshareoregon.org

Charles Sorgie, Senior IT Business Analyst charles@healthshareoregon.org

Don Herington, Senior IT Business Analyst don@healthshareoregon.org

Matt Walker, Senior IT Data Quality Analyst matt@healthshareoregon.org

Ruthie Petty, Senior IT Data Danalyst ruthie@healthshareoregon.org

Public Policy & Communications

Ashlen Strong, Director, Public Policy & Communications ashlen@healthshareoregon.org

Stephanie Vandehey, Communications and Media Relations Specialist stephanie@healthshareoregon.org

Quality Assurance & Compliance

Barbara Carey, Sr. Manager, Compliance & Quality Improvement barbara@healthshareoregon.org

Joyce Caramella, Quality Improvement Coordinator joyce@healthshareoregon.org

Kim Carter, Senior Quality Assurance Specialist kim@healthshareoregon.org

Alex Covington, Quality Assurance Coordinator alex@healthshareoregon.org

Joe Sullivan, Quality Assurance Specialist joe2@healthshareoregon.org