Frequently Asked Questions about health care transportation services

Who qualifies for non-emergency medical transportation?
Requests for NEMT must be prior authorized. This includes requests for rides or reimbursement of transportation expenses such as mileage, meals and lodging. ​

When a member calls to schedule a ride, the Ride To Care call center will check the eligibility of the person, verify if the ride is to a Medicaid-covered service, and assess the client’s ability and needs. These questions are requirements brokerages ask to meet Medicaid standards:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • Are you going to an OHP-covered health care service? (If a client is unsure whether the service is covered, and it is unclear whether the service is a covered service, the brokerage will follow up with the provider.)
  • Do you have any other means of transportation?
  • Do you have any special needs?​

Where can the transportation service take members who qualify for the service?
To their doctor appointments, clinics, hospitals, physical therapy and any other OHP approved health care service. They’ll also have transportation back home again, too.

How will I get to my appointment?
Depending upon their need, they may be assigned public transit, commercial vehicle (sedan/taxi) or wheelchair lift equipped vehicle. We also have gas reimbursement programs and volunteer drivers.

How long will I have to wait for their ride?
If the member is scheduled for pick up at their residence (e.g., taxi or lift bus), they need to be ready at least an hour before their scheduled pick up time.

How will I get a ride home?
If the member is picked up at their residence (e.g. taxi or lift bus), the driver will give them a card with a phone number to call when they are ready for their return trip home. It may take up to an hour for the driver to return.

I have limited mobility. Will the drivers assist me with getting onto vans?
Yes. When members call to schedule a ride, they need to identify their special needs so the drivers will know to provide assistance boarding and de-boarding the vehicle.​

What if I need to pick up medications or other items prescribed for me at my medical appointment?
Members should tell their driver that they have to get a prescription to be filled before you return home. The drivers will stop and wait for them to pick up medications or other items prescribed by the providers.

Can children on OHP use the non-emergency medical transportation without an adult riding with them?
No, the brokerage will not transport children less than 12 years old unescorted. There are exceptions for children escorted by DHS volunteers.

What if I want to complain or praise the service I received during my non-emergency medical transportation experience?
Ride To Care wants to receive feedback from members about their experience, both bad and good feedback. Members can call the same phone numbers above and provide Ride To Care with the name of the transportation company and the driver.

For more information on non-emergency transportation benefits, visit the Oregon Health Authority website.