Your Member ID Card, Handbook & Benefits

Health Share Member ID Card and Member Handbook

When Oregon Health Plan members join Health Share of Oregon, they are mailed a new Health Share Member ID card and Member Handbook.

Member ID Card

Fold the Health Share ID Card, carry it with you and present it to your health care providers and pharmacist at each visit so that they can verify your eligibility. If you have other insurance coverage, keep those cards and also bring them with you.

Member Handbook: English

You can  read the 2015 Health Share Member Handbook online:
Member handbook, English

Member Handbook: Alternate Languages

Please take time to look through this handbook to learn about your benefits. You can use this link so you can check it any time if you have questions.

Member Handbook: Audio Version

To listen to our 2013 Member Handbook online in English, click the link below.

Member handbook, audio version

You can also get this handbook in 13 other different languages, large print, computer disk, audio tape, oral presentation or Braille. If you would like a different format, please call Health Share Customer Service at 503-416-8090. The toll-free number is 1-888-519-3845. Our TTY/TDD number is 711.

Oregon Health Plan Client Handbook

You can also read the Oregon Health Plan Client Handbook for further information.