Member Handbook & ID Card

Health Share will mail you a Member Handbook and ID Card when you first enroll as a member. The handbook has information about how you get the care you need. It also tells you how and when to use your ID Card. Please look through the handbook and keep it in a safe place. This way, you can check it later if you have questions. 

2018 Member Handbooks:

You can request a handbook in different languages, large print, electronic format, audio tape, oral presentation (face-to-face or on the phone), or Braille. If you would like a different format, please call Health Share Customer Service at 503-416-8090 (local), 1-888-519-3845 (toll-free), or TTY/TDD 711.

Member ID Card

When you become a Health Share member, we will send you a Health Share ID Card. You should keep your ID Card with you at all times.

Sample ID Card:

Keep your card with you for:

  • Medical appointments

  • Dental appointments

  • Counseling or other mental health appointments

  • Picking up prescription drugs

  • Emergencies

Oregon Health Plan Client Handbook

You can also read the Oregon Health Plan Client Handbook for further information.