Contracting With Health Share

Health Share of Oregon works with multiple affiliated health plans, and their provider networks, to meet the medical, dental, and mental health and substance use disorder treatment needs of our members in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties.

Health Share Pathways

Contract to provide mental health and substance use disorder treatment services

In order to better integrate and coordinate the array of mental health and addiction services to our members, Health Share has a regional behavioral health system of care, called Health Share Pathways. Through Health Share Pathways, Health Share contracts directly with providers to provide both mental health and substance use disorder treatment services to our members.

While Health Share Pathways' network is comprehensive, we are currently only considering behavioral health and substance use disorder providers who:

  • Specialize in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) treatment services
  • Offer psychiatric medication prescription and monitoring services

  • Offer supportive housing with intensive outpatient substance-use disorder treatment services

  • Work in East Multnomah County and rural areas of Clackamas and Washington Counties, especially those who offer a comprehensive service array including 7-day follow-up after an initial assessment; as well as crisis and after-hours access

  • Provide culturally specific mental health and/or substance abuse services 

  • Provide mental health and/or substance abuse services in a foreign language (including ASL)

If you are a behavioral health provider and meet any of the above criteria, please complete one of the two Health Share Provider Interest Forms: 

If you are applying as an organization, use the Organizational Provider Information Form. 

If you are a solo practitioner, use the Solo Practitioner Provider Information Form

You can submit the completed form and W9 via email to or via FAX to 503-459-5749, Attn: Contracts and Network Management. Health Share will review interest forms on a regular basis and will contact providers if additional information is required.

Behavioral Health Plans

Providers who offer specialty behavioral health services to culturally-specific populations should contact one or more of the below behavioral health plans to inquire about their contracting requirements and process.

  • Clackamas County: 503-742-5335 or 1-888-651-2134

  • Multnomah County: 503-988-5887 or 1-888-620-4555

  • Washington County: 503-846-4528

Physical & Dental Health Plans

Contract to provide physical or dental health care services

Health Share does not directly contract with individual physical or dental health providers. In order to provide those services to Health Share members, all providers must be contracted (on panel) with one or more of the below health plans for the OHP line of business. Providers should reach out to each plan individually to inquire about the plan's contracting requirements and process.


Physical Health Plans

  • CareOregon: 503-416-4100

  • Kaiser Permanente: 503-813-2000

  • Providence Health & Services: 503-574-8200

  • Tuality Healthcare: 503-844-8104

Dental Health plans

  • Access Dental Plan: 503-445-9056 or 877-213-0357

  • Advantage Dental Services: 866-268-9631

  • Capitol Dental Care: 503-585-5205 or 800-525-6800

  • CareOregon Dental:  503-416-1444 or 888-440-9912

  • Family Dental Care: 503-584-4245 or 866-875-1199

  • Kaiser Permanente Dental: 503-813-2000 or 800-813-2000

  • Managed Dental Care of Oregon: 503-581-1407 or 800-538-9604

  • ODS Community Health Dental Plan: 503-243-2987 or 800-342-0526

  • Willamette Dental Group: 503-952-2000 or 855-433-6825

If you have additional questions please contact:

Contracting and Provider Network Assistant
(971) 334-8056