Children's Wraparound Program

Wraparound is a voluntary team-based care planning process for youth with complex needs and multiple system involvement, who may have complex behavioral health needs.

Wraparound is different from traditional planning approaches in that it puts special emphasis on valuing the voice and perspective of the youth and family and thus requires that the process be more individualized, family driven and culturally agile than traditional planning methods. Additional focus is placed on maintaining a strengths-based perspective throughout the process, intentionally working to ensure the youth and family recognize and use their natural talents, abilities and capacities to overcome the challenges they face. Wraparound has been shown to result in care plans that are more holistic, relevant and successful than traditional planning processes where each child-serving system or provider has a separate plan.

Wraparound focuses not simply on the child’s behavioral or mental health concerns, but also on the needs of the child’s entire support system, including caregivers, siblings, peers and communities, with the belief that these natural supports are a critical factor to a youth and family’s long-term success and well-being.

The Wraparound philosophy begins with the idea that the youth and family’s voice must be central to all planning activities and present throughout all phases of the Wraparound process. The child and family are seen as the true experts about their own lives and culture. The model uses a full-time Care Coordinator working with small numbers of youth and families to facilitate regular planning meetings.  Care Coordinators aim to ensure that all members of the child and family team are communicating and working toward shared goals which reflect the child and family’s vision and aspirations. Importantly, Wraparound integrates Family Partners and Youth Partners who have their own lived experience. These team members provide critical advocacy and support to the youth and family throughout the Wraparound process.  Wraparound teams meet regularly throughout all phases of work to develop an individualized plan of care, implement the plan, monitor its success and make changes as needed.

Current Status: Health Share of Oregon and our Behavioral Health Plan Partners at Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties serve over 200 youth and families with Wraparound care coordination. Washington County has been a fidelity Wraparound site since 2009; fidelity Wraparound expanded to Clackamas and Multnomah counties in 2014. Currently youth and families are screened by local Wraparound Review Committees.

If you would like to learn more about Wraparound, please contact the following:

Clackamas County: 503-742-5335

Multnomah County: 503-988-4161

Washington County: 503-846-4576

Links/attachments: Wraparound Basics

Contact information: Cheryl Cohen, Wraparound Project Manager,