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Health Share of Oregon welcomes Phyusin Myint, PhD, MPP as new Chief Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer

Health Share of Oregon welcomes Phyusin Myint, PhD, MPP as new Chief Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer

Image of Dr. Phyusin Myint

Health Share of Oregon announces that Dr. Phyusin Myint, PhD, MPP has been selected as the new Chief Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer. This crucial executive position will provide the vision and experience to lead Health Share’s organizational priorities of health equity, addressing social determinants of health, and strengthening community partnerships. 

Dr. Myint is a public servant, an educator and a practitioner with a focus on health equity and racial justice advocacy. She previously served as the Health Equity Planning and Policy Program Supervisor for Washington County Public Health where she supported in the design, implementation and monitoring of diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies to ensure that the Public Health Division operates with health and racial equity as a guiding principle. In response to COVID-19, Myint served as the first Equity Officer in the Emergency Operations Center for Washington County, leading the charge to build out an infrastructure to embed equity and community voice in an emergency response effort.  

She is the current President-elect for the Oregon Public Health Association and was previously the Board Director of Oregon Public Health Association representing six counties including Washington, Columbia, Yamhill, Lincoln, Tillamook, and Clatsop. She holds a PhD in Public Affairs and Policy and a Master’s degree in Public Policy. When she is not busy with work or academic research, she loves exploring the Pacific Northwest with her two children and partner and writing poetry for social change.

 “The woven thread through most of my professional and academic career has been my passion and commitment to work and learn from various impacted communities to address disparities,” said Dr. Myint. She is looking forward to working with our County and community leaders, supporting HSO’s community engagement efforts, and strengthening our collaborative partnerships towards the path of a more equitable future for all. “As the eldest child of an immigrant and displaced family that has survived war and migration, I am familiar with the many barriers and challenges to navigating health systems and government systems. I am thrilled at the opportunity to step into this leadership role to serve Oregonians in Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah counties.” 

“My vision for our work together is to help build a society that centers on health, healing, and belonging,” Dr. Myint said. She is committed to a vision where everyone in the community has what they need to thrive, and all have the agency to shape the policies and systems that impact their lives. And thus, we have a collective responsibility to cultivate equitable and just outcomes through our service delivery and our partnerships.

“To succeed at this vision, I am committed to a focus on structural solutions, targeting our policies, systems, institutions, and narratives to achieve change. I will be working closely with you to operationalize our equity work and to be explicit about how power, racism, and other systems of advantage are at the root of health and social inequities,” shared Dr. Myint. She is also interested in internal workforce development to reintegrate hearts and bodies into this important work, to make space for healing and trust building. She is also committed to centering community expertise and developing institutional systems to ensure that impacted communities are supporting us in identifying solutions and building their collective power to transform society.

“I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate, listen, and learn from you all on what the best approaches are towards these goals. I welcome your ideas, and thoughts to connect on this and many other difficult conversations ahead. I want to offer to you today that I see you and honor your work and your gifts. Please do not hesitate to reach out as I am happy to join your upcoming team meetings and spaces to connect and offer my support,” said Dr. Myint.