Eviction notice and mask
Eviction moratorium help

Oregon has a new eviction moratorium lasting until July 2021. But it’s not automatic. Renters have to give their landlords a signed declaration.

Access your plan info

As a Health Share member, you can now use My Plan, our secure member portal. With My Plan, you can access your plan information, show your ID card, and view your account details whenever you want.

If you have questions, please call Health Share customer service at 503-416-8090, or toll free at 888-519-3845 (TTY/TDD 711).

Member Services:

Enroll or Renew Your Health Coverage

Apply for free health coverage through the Oregon Health Plan at any time.

Schedule a Ride to Care

Plan a trip to your next health care appointment—it’s free and easy.

My Health Plans + Providers

With Health Share, you can choose where you get care.

Member Handbook

Find information on health plans, benefits, how to get care, and more.

Authorization to Release Personal Health Information

This form allows you to give others permission to discuss personal information, like your address or member ID number, with Health Share. ESPAÑOL | РУССКИЙ | TIẾNG VIỆT | 中文 | 中文 (香港) | SOMALI | ARABIC


Medical Health Benefits 

Learn about the medical care available to you, from doctor visits to specialist services.

Pharmacies + Prescriptions

Prescription to fill? We’ve got you covered. Learn about your pharmacy benefits.

Dental Benefits

With Health Share, you qualify for annual dental exams, fillings, and more—all at no cost.

Mental Health + Substance Use Benefits

Access services from counseling to residential treatment, and everything in between.

Health-Related Services

Staying healthy requires more than good health care. Food, shelter supports, and communication services that help you keep in touch with your care team are all key to your health. Health-related services are items or services like temporary lodging, supplemental food, or a cell phone and service plan so you can keep receiving telehealth care from your provider. To learn more, please contact the Health Share Customer Service team at 503-416-8090.

You also can call Care Coordinators at your health care plan:

  • CareOregon:  503-416-4100
  • Kaiser Permanente: 503-721-6435
  • Legacy | PacificSource: 888-675-0350
  • OHSU Health: 844-827-6572
  • Providence: 503-574-7247
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One less thing to worry about

The Oregon Health Plan also covers birth control options at no cost. Discover the best option for you.