Schedule a Ride

Schedule a Ride

Plan a ride to your next health care appointment—it’s free and easy.

Ride to Care can take you to any appointment or service that is covered by Health Share. From doctors to dentists, clinics to hospitals—Ride to Care will help get you there safely and on time.

Ride to Care is experiencing high call volumes and long wait times. If your health care appointment is more than two business days away, we ask that you fill out the transportation request form.

We are working to resolve the phone issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding during this transition.

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Call to Schedule a Ride

Call to schedule a ride to your next appointment:

503-416-3955, or toll free at

855-321-4899 (TTY/TDD 711)

Depending on your needs, you may get help paying for gas, tickets to ride the bus or MAX, or rides in a taxi or wheelchair accessible van.

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Over 150,000 rides a month

Ride to Care gets a lot of Health Share members to their OHP covered appointments. In the first half of 2018, they completed 900,000 rides.