Easy online access to the information you need

You can check member eligibility and health plans online—without picking up the phone.

Click below to log in to the Provider Portal (Health Share’s CIM). Through the portal, you can verify member eligibility and health plans. Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Provider Portal Portal FAQs

Register for the Portal

The Health Share Provider Portal (also called the CIM or Clinical Integration Manager) is where providers can go to look up Health Share members’ health plan assignments. It replaces MMIS.

All provider offices that see Health Share members can access the secure CIM once they are registered.

To create a new user account or update current registration, please contact PH Tech's Provider Relations Department at 503-584-2169, selecting Option 2. 

Each user of the Provider Portal will require a unique username and password. Once you are registered and activated by PH Tech, each user in your office may then register other users in your office.

Learn how to use the Portal

Download the CIM User Manual to learn how to use the Provider Portal. Questions? Check out the Portal FAQ.

CIM User Manual

Health Share Provider Portal FAQ

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Plan Change Request Form

If a patient of yours wants to change their health plan, providers can fill out the Medical Health Plan Change Request Form or Dental Health Plan Change Request Form. Members can also call Health Share Customer Service to request a plan change at any time: 503-416-8090.

Note: Be sure your patient wants to change health plans. They may have other important provider relationships, such as specialists or a pharmacy, that may not be in network if thy switch plans.

Already have access?

Some behavioral health providers may already have access through PH Tech’s CIM web application for the administration of behavioral health benefits. Your provider office staff will continue to use this version of CIM for behavioral health benefit administration.

User profiles from the behavioral health benefit administration application will be rolled over to the Health Share Provider Portal with the same usernames and passwords as were on mho.phtech.com.