Child Wellness

Child Wellness

Routine doctor visits are important.

Regular check-ups with your child’s doctor are important for good health. These appointments are called well-child or well-adolescent visits. They are a time for pediatricians to see how the child is growing. During these visits, the doctor can:

  • Review the child’s health history.
  • Complete a physical exam—including height and weight measurements.
  • Look at the child’s physical and emotional health.
  • Look for issues that might need additional help.
  • Provide health education or guidance.
  • Give routine vaccines.

Yearly check-ups are recommended for 2-year-olds up to the age of 21. They are free for Health Share members and most insurance plans.

If you’ve fallen behind, that’s OK. Call your doctor or clinic today to make an appointment.

Young boy posing on a play-mat
Vaccines are an important part of the well-child exam.

Vaccines protect babies, kids and entire communities from dangerous diseases. They help little ones develop stronger immune systems, and they get kids ready for preschool and kindergarten. Vaccines are important for older kids too and can even prevent some cancers.