HRSN Benefits

HRSN Benefits

Health Related Social Needs Benefits

Health Related Social Needs (HRSNs) are social and economic needs that impact an individual's ability to maintain health and well-being. Through Oregon's 1115 Medicaid waiver, the state will be able to cover new HRSN services for eligible Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members. 

HRSN services include: 

  • Climate-related resources launched March 2024
  • Outreach and engagement launched March 2024 
  • Housing supports (launching November 2024)
  • Nutritional services (launching January 2025)

To refer a member for HRSN Climate benefits, requests should be sent to the member’s physical health plan using the contact information below:

Member Eligibility Criteria: Clinical and Social Risk Factors

At least one Clinical Risk Factor: 

  • Complex behavioral health need 
  • Developmental disability need 
  • Complex physical health need 
  • Need for assistance for ADLs / IALDS or eligible for LTSS 
  • Interpersonal violence experience 
  • Adults 65 years of age or older 
  • Repeated emergency department use and crisis encounters 
  • Pregnant/postpartum 
  • Young adults with special healthcare needs 

At least one Social Risk Factor: 

  • Housing-related needs 
  • Nutrition-related needs 
  • HRSN device needs