Contracting with
Health Share

Contracting with
Health Share

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Health Share of Oregon acts as a gateway for members to the health services they need, including medical, dental, and mental health, and substance use plans.

Medical + Dental Health Providers

If you are a medical or dental health provider, you may request to be considered for a contract with one or more of our medical or dental health plans. Health Share does not contract directly with medical or dental health providers.

To provide services to Health Share members, all medical and dental health providers must be a contracted OHP (Medicaid) provider with one or more of Health Share’s medical or dental health plans (listed below).

Providers who deliver medical and dental health services should contact each plan individually to inquire about the plan's contracting requirements and process.

Medical Health Plans


Kaiser Permanente: 

  • 503-813-3376

Providence Health Assurance:

Legacy Health PacificSource:

OHSU Health:

Dental Health Plans

Advantage Dental Services:


CareOregon Dental:

503-416-1444 or 888-440-9912

Kaiser Permanente Dental:

503-813-2000 or 800-813-2000

ODS Community Health Dental Plan:

503-243-2987 or 800-342-0526

Willamette Dental Group:

503-952-2000 or 855-433-6825

Behavioral Health Providers

If you are a behavioral health provider, you may request to be considered for a contract with CareOregon by contacting or 800-224-4840.  

More information is available online.

Contractual Deliverables

Starting in January 2022, Health Share’s plan partners will submit contractual deliverables via our secure web portal, Bridge.  By using Bridge rather than email, Health Share is ensuring that the sensitive data we receive from our partners is transmitted and stored in the most secure way possible. 

Using Bridge also eliminates the need to send multiple emails for large documents, thus simplifying the submission process.  Finally, Bridge will automatically save uploaded documents into Health Share’s internal folders and notify the team responsible for each deliverable which means staff turnover will not create a confusing barrier for our plan partners.

If you have any questions about how this new process will work or what to expect in 2022, please email Sarah Hale-Meador at