Contracting with
Health Share

Contracting with
Health Share

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Health Share of Oregon acts as a gateway for members to the health services they need, including physical, dental, and mental health, and substance use plans and providers.

If you are an integrated physical and behavioral health provider, please review our Specialty Behavioral Health and Integrated Services Overview document prior to requesting a contract to determine if the services you offer are considered physical health or behavioral health. 

Physical + Dental Health Providers

If you are a physical or dental health provider, you may request to be considered for a contract with one or more of our physical or dental health plans. Health Share does not contract directly with physical or dental health providers.

To provide services to Health Share members, all physical and dental health providers must be a contracted OHP (Medicaid) provider with one or more of Health Share’s physical or dental health plans (listed below).

Providers who deliver physical and dental health services should contact each plan individually to inquire about the plan's contracting requirements and process.

Physical Health Plans

Dental Health Plans

If you have additional questions, please contact Health Share’s Contracting + Provider Network team:

Behavioral Health Providers

If you are a mental health or substance use disorder (SUD) provider, you may request to be considered for a contract directly with Health Share.

To better integrate and coordinate the array of mental health and addiction services for our members, Health Share established a regional behavioral health system of care called Health Share Pathways. 

Through Health Share Pathways, Health Share contracts directly with providers to deliver both mental health and substance use disorder treatment services.

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Treated a Health Share member without prior authorization?

If you have treated Health Share members but have not obtained a prior authorization, services may not be reimbursed, and per OAR 410-120-1280, the member may not be billed.

All Health Share members currently seeking care should be referred to our online provider directory to find a provider within the Health Share network who can offer them timely care. If they want assistance finding a provider who meets their needs, they can call the member services number associated with their county of residence:

Clackamas County: 503-742-5335
Multnomah County: 503-988-5887
Washington County: 503-291-1155