Welcome to Health Share

Welcome to Health Share

We make it easy to get the care you need.

Health Share is a Coordinated Care Organization in your service area, and we’re here to help connect you with one of our Family of Plans. As a Health Share of Oregon member, you can choose the doctors and clinics that are right for you and your family, at no cost through the Oregon Health Plan. We know staying healthy is about more than visiting the doctor – that’s why your benefits cover dental care, counseling, substance use support, prescriptions, emergency care and more.

No matter which health plan you choose, your benefits are the same.

The Health Share Family of Plans:

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1. Health Share Family of Plans

Each plan in the Health Share family of plans covers a different group of doctors. If we’re able to identify who your Primary Care Provider (PCP) has been in the past, we will try to assign you to the Health Share plan that covers that doctor. And you can check if your previous PCP is included in the Health Share network on the My Health Plan section of our website.

2. Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) is your main doctor. They’re your first stop for your health care needs, and it’s important to have a PCP you know and trust. This includes well visits for you, well child checks for children, and care for you when you’re sick.

3. Member ID Card

When you become a Health Share member, we will mail you a Member ID Card within 30 days. Your Member ID Card lists your health plans and their contact information, as well as your Primary Care Provider (PCP.)

4. Dental Health Plans

As a Health Share member, you are also assigned to one of our dental health plans. We try to pair your health plan with your dental plan to make communication easier between your providers. But you can choose to change your plan if you want. Your benefits include a free exam and teeth cleaning once every year.

5. Mental Health and Substance Use Care

Your mental health and substance use care is managed by CareOregon. Your benefits include: counseling, residential treatment, detox and more. Unlike commercial health plans, with Health Share there’s never a co-pay and many behavioral health services can be accessed directly without prior approval. Check CareOregon’s Mental Health and Substance Use Services member page and directory for more information.

6. Prescriptions

You can fill a prescription at any of the pharmacies your health plans work with. If your health plan doesn’t cover a specific medication, talk to your doctor. They can work with you to figure out a medication that will work for you and is covered by your health plan.

7. Network of Hospitals and Specialists

With the Health Share family of plans, you can access hospital and specialty services if you need them. Your Health Share plan will let you know which hospitals are in-network, but if you have an emergency, go to your nearest hospital. All Health Share plans offer a variety of specialty providers to help support your needs.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the care you need.

To switch health plans
Call Health Share’s customer service team at 503-416-8090 or email info@healthshareoregon.org

To keep your plan and change your Primary Care Provider (PCP)
Call the contact number for your medical health plan listed on your Member ID Card.

Your best health. It's why we're here.

The health care system can be confusing, complicated and hard to navigate. As a Coordinated Care Organization (CCO), our top goal is to support you—our member—and make it easy, clear and simple for you to get all the care you need.

Easier Access

My Plan lets you access your account whenever you want
With My Plan, you can securely access your plan information, show your ID card to get care, and view your account details any time, anywhere. myplan.healthshareoregon.org.

A trusted Primary Care Provider to help you get the care you need
The best care starts at your primary care home. Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) can provide a wide variety of services and can help connect you to specialists and resources.

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More Support

Prenatal and early childhood services
Seeing your doctor early and regularly helps you stay healthy and is important for strong development, especially during pregnancy and childhood. You can get full, high-quality pregnancy care as well as many services for children and teens. We also offer excellent behavioral health services, to make sure kids and families have everything they need for their physical, emotional and social well-being. As a member, these free preventive well visits during pregnancy, child well visits, behavioral health and dental check ups are all available to you.

Comprehensive mental and substance use recovery benefits
Health Share offers a wide range of benefits to help meet your mental health and substance use recovery needs. In addition to being able to speak with a counselor on a regular basis, you have access to many intensive mental health and substance use services including detox, residential treatment, Intensive Case Management, and intensive outpatient programs.

Care coordination for members who need extra assistance
Members who need extra help figuring out the best place for them to get care have access to care coordination teams across all of Health Share’s plans. Care coordinators can help ensure your treatment team is collaborating together to produce the best possible outcomes for your health.

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Your Member ID Card

Your Member ID card has important information to help you get the care you need. Keep your card with you at all times for making appointments, checking in, picking up prescriptions, and emergencies.

Here's a quick guide to the information on your card:

1. This is the month and year your card was issued
2. Call here for Medical Care & prescription drugs
3. Call here for Dental Care
4. Call here to make an appointment with your main doctor
5. Call here for Mental Health & Substance Use Care

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Download and print Health Share Quick Start Guides