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Quality Measures Metric Program

Quality Measures Metric Program

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The Quality Incentive Metrics Program made strides in the quality space despite ongoing challenges due to COVID and workforce shortages.  One of the new transformative upstream metrics we have been focusing on is the Social-Emotional Health Measure.  We completed an asset map of our specialty behavioral health network and hosted a series of 12 community conversations to understand community-based priorities for investment and focus in this early childhood space.   As a result of these conversations and our broader strategic work to improve health outcomes for youth with complexity, our Board has committed a $2 million investment to execute the Social-Emotional Health workplan. Along with transformative complex measures, the quality metrics program has also seen improvements in data performance in two key metrics: Initiation & Engagement in Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Screening, Brief intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for alcohol use.   

We’re launching a new Behavioral Health dashboard in the new year. The dashboard will cover three topics: 

  • Mental health engagement related to the new statewide mental health PIP 

  • Behavioral health integration pilot utilization for our IDS partners 

  • Member assignment to primary care clinics attesting to PCPCH 3.C.3 standards 

The goal is to provide our partners with the ability to surface patterns of how their members engage with behavioral health services in their networks and work towards reducing disparities that may exist. You will find the dashboard on our bridge platform, within the populations and utilization category. If you do not have access to bridge, but would like access to view this dashboard (and others), please email