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Your prescription medication when and where you need it

Your prescription medication when and where you need it

Right now, health care providers are working hard to care for people affected by the coronavirus. But your health matters, even if it’s not related to COVID-19. You can still get the care and medication you need.

Extra medication

If you get your prescription refilled, in most cases we will be able to extend your prescription to 90 days' worth of medication. You can also refill your prescription early so you don’t have to worry about running out. Please call your pharmacy to learn about your options.

Curbside Pickup and Delivery

Physical distancing is important right now—did you know that many pharmacies allow you to pick up your prescription curbside so you never have to get out of your car? Or you can order them by mail and have them delivered to your door.

Below is a list of options available to you. You can also contact your health plan or your local pharmacy directly to find out more.



  • Certain medications are eligible for a 90-day supply 
  • A mail-order pharmacy can provide up to a 90-day supply of maintenance drugs and specializes in direct delivery to your home. For more details visit Providence Pharmacy Resources

OHSU Health

Kaiser Permanente

Legacy Health PacificSource

  • You can receive a one-time early refill for prescription drugs.
  • You can also have your regular medications sent to you free.

To get started, register online at, use the mail order form, or call CVS Caremark Mail-Order Services toll-free: (866) 865-0696 TTY/TDD: 711