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Updates on the COVID-19 vaccine for Oregonians

Updates on the COVID-19 vaccine for Oregonians

An honored citizen awaits a shot from a health care worker

Update: Starting April 19, every Oregonian over the age of 16 will be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine

For the most recent updates about the COVID vaccine in Oregon, visit the Oregon Health Authority's website.

When will the vaccine be available? 

  • Oregon officials said they are expecting at least 147,000 vaccine doses in December 2020. That’s more than initially anticipated and enough to provide the first of two doses to at least 100,000 people.
  • Two vaccines are coming on the market: one from Pfizer and the other from Moderna.
  • A 35,100-dose batch of a vaccine created by pharmaceutical company Pfizer will be shipped on Dec. 15.
  • Another 40,950 doses of the Pfizer vaccine will be shipped the following week, as well as 71,900 doses of the Moderna vaccine.
  • In total, Oregon officials expect another 87,750 doses of the Pfizer vaccine and 31,700 doses of the Moderna vaccine to be shipped Dec. 29. Those batches will be used to provide a second dose to those who have already received the first.

Who gets the vaccine first?

  • Healthcare workers and long term care residents and staff will get the vaccine first. 
  • There are around 290,000 healthcare workers and 60,000 to 70,000 long term care residents in Oregon. The first wave of December vaccines will cover less than half this group at most. Governor Kate Brown has said she anticipates that this priority group will have the opportunity to be vaccinated by the end of January. 
  • After that, Oregon will move on to giving shots to populations disproportionately affected by the virus. That includes people from racial and ethnic minoritized groups.

How will I know when I can get the vaccine?

  • More information will be available soon. Watch the news. Look for updates from Oregon public health officials.

Is the vaccine safe?

  • Moderna has said its vaccine protects 94.5% of those who get the two mandatory shots and is also safe. Tests have shown the PFizer vaccine has no serious side-effects and prevents illness in 95% of people who get both of the doses it needs to be effective, the company has said.

How much will it cost me to get the vaccine?

  • The COVID-19 vaccine is free with your Oregon Health Plan.

What do I do until the vaccine is available?

  • There are 4.2 million people in Oregon. Months of hardship will pass before most Oregonians can get immunized. State health officials predicting 2,000 to 2,700 people will test positive for the virus each day by Christmas Eve. 
  • Right now and into the foreseeable future, the only way to reduce transmission and slow the spread of this disease is to continue to take safety precautions until the vaccine is both widely available and widely administered. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, minimize unnecessary activities.
  • Stay safe everyone, there is hope around the corner.