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Childhood vaccines and well-child visits are still important

Childhood vaccines and well-child visits are still important

Woman and child in a doctors office

While COVID-19 vaccines are top-of-mind right now, traditional vaccines for your kids are still important. Your kids are still growing and learning—and they still need routine vaccines to keep them healthy and safe. 

Vaccines protect kids, families, and entire communities from dangerous diseases like measles, tetanus, and even some kinds of cancer. Getting your children vaccinated also protects kids and adults who can’t get vaccinated due to allergies or other health issues.  

Vaccines are important. They protect babies, kids and entire communities from dangerous diseases. They help little ones develop stronger immune systems, and they get kids ready for preschool and kindergarten. 

Vaccine schedules list the age (or age range) when each vaccine is recommended. They are developed by doctors and disease experts, and provide the most protection from diseases while keeping the timing of vaccines safe. 

If you’ve fallen behind, that’s OK. Doctors’ offices are safe, open, and ready to help your family make a plan to catch up. 

Check-ups and vaccinations are free for Health Share members and most insurance plans. Call your doctor or clinic today!